Cyrus Heal is the President of Egunec Education Support Foundation (EESF) and Lead Consultant MasterPeace Nigeria.

Cyrus Heal (Known in the consultancy world as Coach Heal) is an author and the leading peace-making coach in the world mandated by God to rebuild vulnerable communities and build the capacity of nations.

His clients include: MasterPeace Foundation; a global peace-building organization, Adams and Moore UK; an International consulting firm, Office of the Senate President on Partnership and Civil Societies, University of Abuja Law Clinic; a project development hub for justice and peace and Mordi Ibe Foundation (MIF); a social advocacy non-profit organisation as well as several local organisations and institutions.

As a coach, Heal has deep rooted expertise in positioning, capacity building and partnership development with a multi-disciplinary background in Law, Project design, development and psychology. He comes with a distinct capacity of empowering the spirit of organizations through the integration of purpose, career and spirituality.

He is the designer of Sustainable Peace Education and Empowerment Development (SPEED) Program Model, the thought of Peace Training and Advocacy Model and the lead facilitator and coach at the peace-maker clinic; a project design and development clinic that empowers and mentors young professionals to become active peace-makers.