SPEED Impact Report (2014 - 2016)

Sustainable Peace Education, Empowerment and Development (SPEED) is a model designed by Cyrus Heal (known as Coach Heal in the development world) for young persons to become drivers of peace education, empowerment and development in vulnerable communities and ruined cities.

Cyrus Heal is the No. 1 peace-making coach in the world and capacity building prophet with extensive experiences in designing and developing peace-making projects models for organizations, institutions and international organizations. He is the initiator and thought leader of Peace Development Law and a mentor to a generation of peace-making professionals.

The SPEED model was designed to equip and empower young persons to make and spread peace as children of light in vulnerable communities. We don’t believe that conflict is only when a full blown war or killing has erupted. We look at conflicts from a deep rooted mind-set perspective identifying the ticking time bombs present in the minds of our beneficiaries that facilitates or enables conflicts. These ticking time bombs we refer to as “Conflict of the Mind”.

Our belief is that by dealing with these “Conflict of the Mind” situations from the root, we can prevent violence from erupting and facilitate peace. We therefore seek to position and empower young minds with the capacity to thrive and become peaceful solutions to the various communities they reside in.

We seek to position the mind-set of young persons to see the best in themselves in the midst of vulnerability. We seek to arm their minds with tools that will increase their hope, faith and belief and most importantly, inspire in them a zeal and capacity for peace leadership.

This strength based approach helps these young person’s develop a growth mind-set and partnership confidence necessary to spread peace.

Between 2014 and 2016, several projects were executed under the SPEED program.
  • SPEED Concert
  • Community Development Ambassadors Project (CODAP)
  • The SPEED Tournament
  • Egunec Skills Acquisition Training (ESAT)
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