Sarah is the director of SPEED program under EESF. She is also the Asset Mapping Specialist of EESF and the facilitator of the Community Asset Mapping for Girls in Vulnerable Community; a project that seeks to map out the assets of young girls in vulnerable community, making them aware of their assets and mentor them on how to use these assets to develop themselves and their community.

Sarah is a qualified Lawyer, a Managerial specialist and humanitarian who believes in making true impact around her. She is passionate about volunteering, haven volunteered for a lot of Non-Governmental Organizations like the University of Abuja Law Clinic where she led the pre-trial directorate in giving free legal aid to indigent pre-trial detainees in the prisons in Abuja and its environs. She also volunteered for the Sapphire Initiative for Girl Child Literacy and Education, to mention but a few. Sarah believes that each and every human on earth have “5 loaves of bread and 3 fishes” to feed 5,000 hungry nations. She is therefore dedicated to building, asset conscious, developed and impact-full nations who approach the problems around them through a solution and asset based approach rather than the obvious and common problem based approach.

If you have knowledge and faith that can move mountains but do not have charity, you are nothing.